Canon EOS 20d shutter count

31 January 2007 2 minutes

Ok, so I got a used DSLR. What I didn’t pay attention to was the fact that the shutter has a certain life cycle. According to sources on –wait for it– Google, the EOS 20D has a life expectancy of 100,000 shots. Small number I thought. So I searched and searched, and after a while with good keywords comes this guide.

For the EOS Canon users. You can see how many times the shutter actuated using a hex editor and a RAW file. Tools needed:

  • Hex Editor (XVI32 Preferred You can download it here FOR FREE!)
  • RAW Image file from your camera

Baiscly what your doing is getting the number located at 95D and 95E and converting it from HEX to DECIMAL. If you do not know exactly how to do this. I will show you below

Step By Step Documentation using Xvi32.

  1. Load Xvi32
  2. Go to Tools>Options>Data Inspector (it’s a TAB)
  3. Click “big-endian (MOTOROLA)”
  4. Click “OK” Button to exit out of the options
  5. Go to File>Open>”CHOOSE YOUR RAW IMAGE FILE” then click open
  6. Go to Address>Goto (Or CTRL+G)
  7. Click “Hexadecimal” then TYPE “95D” into the box below
  8. Click “OK”
  10. LOOK at “XX XX As Word” (XX Being your numbers located in 95D,E).
  11. The number next to it is your Actuation number.

Good deal, so I took a picture, copied the raw file over gphoto2, fired up xxd and do some processing. And I got 10414 as my shutter count. Subtracting around one thousand shots I’ve taken since I bought the camera, I thought I got a pretty good deal ;)

Some say life’s too short to worry about shutter break-down. But it’s nice to know where you’re at anyways. So, if you have a 20d and run Linux, try this at home

echo $((0x`xxd YOUR_RAW_FILE_HERE.CR2|head -150|grep "0000950:"|cut --characters=42,43,45,46`))

PS: There are some guides said you can just read the EXIF tag off the JPEG file from some reader and/or flickr but from personal experiences I do not find this to be correct. I tried with two consecutive files and the shutter counts differ greatly. So be warned :)


stardict violates copyright laws?

I’ve never noticed this until recently when I learned that to download dictionary databases for stardict, you have to pay at least $5 to become a level-one user. From the homepage:


mrxvt & xvnkb

I just found the almost-perfect tabbed terminal called mrxvt (previously called materm). It has tabs (with built-in widget so it doesn’t require gtk/qt crap), configurable keyboard shortcuts, and so much more. The only thing, well two things, that it sucks at is Unicode support and problem with XIM, which creates problem with xvnkb. Unicode? Well, that I can live without. In fact I can’t recall the last time I need to use Unicode in a terminal and in such case, urxvt & xterm are here.