TVVN 0.9.8

10 September 2015

Just a quick update that I’ve just released a new version of TVVN (0.9.8) to the official repo. Based on past experiences, it will take a couple days to hit the mirrors. Meanwhile (and going forward for that matter) you can go to the github release page to get the latest version.


Clean up XBMC’s screensaver cache to get rid of blurry low resolution slideshows.

I have XBMC run a slideshow of family photos in screensaver mode. Problem? XBMC caches the images automatically and therefore the photos are replaced by low-resolution, blurry cached copies. This is noticeably annoying especially if you have large, hi-res TV. I approached the developer of the screensaver addon about the problem but it is out of his hands because the cache are managed system-wide (within XBMC of course).


New home

Migration from Wordpress on SourceForge to jekyll on completed!