TV Việt Nam moved to xbmc official repository

10 April 2012

Quick update to everyone using this plugin. It is now available on the xbmc official repository. In order to install the plugin, all you need to do now is this one step:

Go to Settings > Add-ons > Get Add-ons > Add-ons > Video Add-ons > TV Viet Nam.

That’s it! Since there’s no longer a need for a separate repository, I am terminating my personal repository. Please remove it from your xbmc installation.


TV Việt Nam v0.5 & xbmc repository

I’m quite glad that a few people have used and given good feedback to the TV Việt Nam plugin. Which has encouraged me to further improve it. So meet version 0.5. Two new VTV channels (VTV6 and VTV9) and 18 SCTV ones have been added, these new channels are pulled from TV24 (an SCTV website). To avoid crowding, the SCTV channels and existing VOV stations have been put into submenus.


TV Việt Nam 0.7

Hi everyone, version 0.7 has now been released, with a few changes, improvements, and more channels!