TV Viet Nam 0.8

26 July 2012

After a few minor updates, v0.8 is now released with a few changes. The most notable one is that I have decided to include oversea Vietnamese channels into the plugin (Vietface TV, VAN-TV, Global TV, Saigon TV, VBS TV and Little Saigon TV). This is the result of lots and lots of requests for these channels. So again, xbmc should automatically update. If not, do a “Force Refresh” or “Check for Updates” on the official repo.

I have also taken into consideration of suggestions for donations from a few people. Given the personal time and effort put in the maintenance of this plugin, if you enjoy using it, please consider supporting the development by donating via PayPal to b_at_zecoj_dot_com. That being said, my software will always remain free and open source.


TV Việt Nam 0.7

Hi everyone, version 0.7 has now been released, with a few changes, improvements, and more channels!


TV Viet Nam 0.9.1

Great news! The long-anticipated update has been released. v0.9.1 is now in the official repo, so make sure you force-refresh in case xbmc was too lazy to do it automatically. Thanks to your error-reportings and donations, your continued support make it worthwhile to keep maintaining this addon.