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TV Viet Nam 0.8

26.07.2012, development, kodi, opensource, by .

After a few minor updates, v0.8 is now released with a few changes. The most notable one is that I have decided to include oversea Vietnamese channels into the plugin (Vietface TV, VAN-TV, Global TV, Saigon TV, VBS TV and Little Saigon TV). This is the result of lots and lots of requests for these channels. So again, xbmc should automatically update. If not, do a “Force Refresh” or “Check for Updates” on the official repo.

I have also taken into consideration of suggestions for donations from a few people. Given the personal time and effort put in the maintenance of this plugin, if you enjoy using it, please consider supporting the development by donating via PayPal to b_at_zecoj_dot_com. That being said, my software will always remain free and open source.

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  1. Long time coming, thanks for this!!

  2. 2012-08-06 at 15:13 wanderer

    The Vietface TV via your plugin is not watchable, it keeps freezing, audio seems okay. I went directly to http://socal.vietfacetv.com/ and the stream was good. VANTV is not working. Thanks

  3. 2012-09-06 at 06:43 Mike Le

    there is a VTC HD streaming at tvod.vn , Sport channel great pic quality. It will be great if you can add this channel to your plug in.

  4. Mike, I’ll have a look in near future, life’s been a bit busy lately. Alternatively if you can work out what the stream is along with other parameters, you can pass them on as well.

  5. Hi Binh, could you share the stream and parameters for the SCTV channels


  6. @Phi: everything is in the source code, which is open and freely available.

  7. Hi I would like to have TV Vietnam 0.8 plugin for apple ti vi…Could you send one to my email minhtoantran2yahoo.ca thanks

  8. 2012-10-07 at 11:21 Son Tran

    Hi, i’d like to have TV Vietnam 0.8 plugin for appletv, please send it to me if possible (my email is sonvtran@yahoo.com). Thanks

  9. Binh can you point me to the source doe, sorry, i looked but can’t find it yet

  10. tv24 parameters seems to be only playable on their site only. do you have a way to get the parameters from the http://www.vtc.com.vn/ site? or did you have any troubles with it with this plugin? if you did, how did you go around it?

  11. hi Binh,

    Most of the Vietnamese stop working now.

    If you dont’ mind or don’t have time now. please share the source code?

    Can you please share the source code or show us where to get the source code so any of us may try to fix it?

  12. Hung,

    My code is open source, anyone with basic programming knowledge should be able to find out where the plugin lies and modify it to their liking as long as it complies with the GPLv3 licence.

    Regarding the channels not working, tv24.vn has been quite flaky lately and it is beyond my control to make it consistent. I’m reverting some channels back to vtc.com.vn and will release a fix soon.

  13. have anyone tried your sources with Pivos box, running XBMC 12.0 Frodo.
    your sources still work with Apple TV2 running XBMC 11.0, but not with new XBMC 12.0 Frodo Beta1 any idea?

  14. hi Binh
    anh cho hỏi mình có mấy link tv online rtp muốn thêm vào source thì phải làm thế nào

  15. @tam: Trong code mình đã comment khá rõ ràng, nếu đọc hiểu đc sourcecode thì k0 khó lắm đâu.

  16. @Binh: mình đã làm được.thanks anh bình cho em hỏi thêm trang http://lala.nhaccuatui.com/tv
    mình đã thêm stream url, swf player url, referrer url trong source của website là
    nhưng sao vẫn không xem được

    • 2013-03-12 at 14:39 Lucky luke

      Bạn có thể chỉ giúp mình cách add thêm kênh vào được k. Mình chưa biết nên làm ntn. Mong bạn chỉ dẫn. Tks bạn nhiều

  17. sao kenh sctv15 khong duoc vay? toi dinh tu fixed nhung khong lam duoc. toi thay sctv15 co ip khac

  18. Binh,
    VTC in Vietnam just brings out a new website for TV online, picture quality is better than TV24 or Vtc.com.vn
    check them out play.fpt.vn
    The stream is pretty stable, no buffering.
    I used to use Coojah to sniff the rtmp, but looks like this program is no longer work for most of the Vietnamese site (seems they encrypt the link I guess)
    Any chance you can sniff and add these channels from the this site play.fpt.vn
    Perhaps create another folder for this site, so that we can have more choice viewing them beside the feeds from TV24 (lately I found the stream from TV24 is buffering quite often)
    Once again, thanks so much for the great plug-in

  19. Mike,
    Not sure if the website is blocking foreign IPs or not, but I can’t seem to play anything. The server’s IP replies to pings though.

  20. hi Mike,

    i cant ping this website too. Why you dont sniffer as with wiresshark? I think they blocked ping protocoll. its very nice to the new version from you

  21. hi here is the Ip from play.fpt.vn

    the problem is i dont no how to create this in zecoj addon. can zecoj help me pls

  22. Hi zecoj just wanna asking fews question about adding more channel but I have trouble add mms:// link

    example Viettoday TV mms://shared.streamwebtown.com/

    or LA34 have token mms://la34.com.vnLA34TV e354345dgdfbbfrgrfthrthteghytu67tu857 fghtfrh567 fhjrfye5ytey b

  23. 2012-12-17 at 16:44 Andrew

    Hi guys. This plugin does not show up in the add-ons list. I cannot find a way to refresh or update the list, can I get a bit of guidance? Thanks guys.

    • 2012-12-18 at 15:16 Andrew

      Nvm! I got it working. I updated the xmbc program. Now I’m spoilt for choice! Thanks so much, your work is really appreciated.

  24. I have the site work fine in the US, it’s weird you can’t access to it from the Australia.
    Would you try again

    • Mike, it’s very flaky. Sometimes I just get a loading message and nothing else. I’ll see what I can do.

      • It works pretty well for me. To me it’s more stable than 24tv. It seems to be hosted by one of the biggest ISP in VN

        • it’s not working for me. not watchable befause of lag and stuterring. It has something to do with FPT stream bandwidth limitation (internatinal line)

  25. anh bình cho em hỏi em đang dùng bản 0.8.2 em đã dùng source của anh và thêm một số kênh giờ em muốn chia sẽ nó với mọi người được không anh?

    • tam: open source mà, hoàn toàn hoan nghênh :) Nếu muốn cho vào next release thì mail code/patch cho mình. Nhớ kèm hi-resolution logo nếu có thể.

    • Tam,

      Có thể cho mình bản 0.8.2 luôn được không ?

      Cám ơn!

    • Bạn có thể cho mình xin bản 0.8.2 được không?

    • 2013-03-28 at 01:14 Charles Mai

      Chi Tam,

      Cho em xin cai source cua Anh Binh + update source cua Chi.

      thanh that cam on nhieu

  26. da gui mail cho ban

  27. 2012-12-31 at 20:03 Ryan Nguyen

    Thanks alot for the TV sources.

    I have been trying to google the problem with VietfaceTV – corrupted after 30s playing.

    Do you have any link/info regarding about this issue? I saw you mentioned that it’s something to do with ffmpeg & corrupted stream handling.

    Thanks alot.

  28. My dad was watching ANTV before however after an update, he is unable to find the channel, can you provide me with the 0.8.1 version so that i can winscp it via Zip?

    Could you update the channel list with this particular channel?

  29. anh binh co du dinh viet addon de xem phim khong vay?

  30. 2013-01-13 at 12:40 Chi Tam

    xin chao,

    cho toi hoi lam nhu the nao xem sctv on dinh. Buffering hoai vay? 2 phut buffering mot lan. Ban nao co biet cach nao fixed cai problem day khong?

  31. hallo, anh binh

    cho e hoi mot cai, anh chi e cach lay link o dang JW player duoc ko? giong nhu o tv24.com.vn anh dang lam day. em dang muon thu lam de dan ve ATV 2 anh

    dia chi email cua e: tukeotsv@yahoo.de

    cam on anh.

  32. 2013-01-30 at 12:06 parleton

    I made a script that scraped off like 150+ vietnamese channels (maybe 160-180 now I’m not sure but there are overlapping channel) that also including FPT from vn as well as Megafun.vn that can be played on XBMC via UNnP using PlayOn program.

    Also I wrote 3-4 scripts that pull movies from hk/korea/viet include http://www.thegiophim.com and http://www.superhim.com . I made these for my parents and gf and relatives :D

  33. 2013-01-30 at 12:29 parleton

    Here are captures http://imgur.com/a/8iIKK Scripts are written in Lua. Just want to inform you guys there are alternative to only XBMC out there. Most of the time I use Roku player and using Playon with the scripts to transcode the video directly instead of XBMC. The only time I use XBMC is in the living room since I don’t need to have another XBMC. PlayOn on Ipad works great too (for un-jailbreak one) or any other UNnP receiver.

  34. 2013-02-04 at 03:43 transcender

    Hi anh binh. Love this plugin. Curious have you encountered the mobile app on android and apple called tvplus.mobi ? It has several other channels that I think would be great if could access from xbmc and a big tv instead just a mobile device?  Some of the channels list http://www.vtvplus.vn but when I go it seems to ask an account which the mobile app doesn’t. The star channel is nice cause it always has subtitles which helps people learn

    Anyways a enhancement request if possible. Keep up great work. Regards. Cam on anh

  35. 2013-02-04 at 03:48 transcender

    parleton curious, if you want transcoding and familiar w/ XBMC especially with a ROKU, surprised have you tried PLEX yet? My experience with Playon was substandard. I’m curious re your scripts.. are they available.

  36. 2013-02-10 at 10:24 parleton

    hi. I have PLEX but I rarely uses it because I do not like its interface. To each his own I guess. XBMC itself also offers transcoding service. I just happened to use Roku and Playon first before knowing XBMC. I bought the licensed version and it was useful and as a result I wrote several scripts for thegiophim and the likes in Lua. I’m pretty sure you can do it too with PLEX if it offer in-engine script, likewise with XBMC.

    I might update more in the future. my site is at http://penaroo.com

  37. Can u pls add VCTV especialy VCTV 2

  38. 2013-02-25 at 20:27 mama pho

    Only one word for this plugin – AMAZING! Just discovered at the weekend and my wifes dad has ditched his satellite box and replaced it with an xbox already. Two suggestions, although it is hard to improve on perfection… 1) Can the plugin be ported/coded as a script instead of a plugin for xbox4xbmc, so I can use autoexec.py to make it autoboot when xbmc starts up? 2) can small thumbnails of the TV channels be added to the list view? So instead of just a text list which only shows the channel logo upon selection, the logos are part of the permanent list. Would give the user GUI a more professional appearance.

    Keep up the great work!

  39. 2013-03-04 at 16:29 Kenneth

    How do I installing TV Vietnam 0.7 on XBMC v12.0? I noticed that some channels in Dia Phuong category’s removed (i.e. Vinh Long, Soc Trang, etc.)? Can you help me on this issue, please. Thank you, have a great day.

  40. 2013-03-12 at 14:36 Lucky luke

    Hi! mình muốn thêm một số kênh mới từ nguồn của bạn ( cũng vì tò mò muốn thử thôi :) ) mong bạn có thể chỉ giúp mình những bước cơ bản nên làm ntn đc k.
    Cám ơn bạn rất nhiều !

  41. Các kênh hôm nay không xem được,xin bạn fix và update thanks

  42. Vietface tv ngủm rồi cả nhà ơi! Cho xin streaming link mới nhe..

    Thank you very much!

  43. 2013-05-09 at 03:50 long huynh

    Hello A. Binh & moi ng trong forum nay…
    Minh la ng moi trong forum nay. Moun install XBMC de coi dai cac TVVN & ARIRang KoreaTV trong PC & Xbox (Ba ma moun coi TV ben VN)… Minh can su giup cua A. Binh & everyone… Please help, help, help.
    Cam on A. Binh & moi Ng truoc nhe…

  44. 2013-05-28 at 14:48 ninhjo

    Hi. For some reasons VTV1-4 didn’t seem to work lately on Frodo 12.0. Could you please shed some light to this problem. Thanks.

  45. 2013-06-03 at 20:09 thao luan

    anh co the goi cho em cai version moi nao cua anh khong ? em co version 0.8 nhung chi xem duoc htv9 .
    em cung muon dong gop cho anh 1 khoang tien, xin anh cho biet.
    vi em can cai dat no cho ma cua em xem
    cam on anh truoc nhe ..

  46. Thanks all for the notice re non-working channels. Having been fairly busy with work/life I will try to give this addon some focus soon.