TV Viet Nam 0.9.1

06 June 2013 1 minute

Great news! The long-anticipated update has been released. v0.9.1 is now in the official repo, so make sure you force-refresh in case xbmc was too lazy to do it automatically. Thanks to your error-reportings and donations, your continued support make it worthwhile to keep maintaining this addon.

A few note-worthy changes to this version:

  • Complete rewrite, more robust and easier to maintain

  • You can now “update” the channel list without updating the actual addon, making it easier to quickly fix “broken” channels. How does this work? The addon will automatically poll for the channel list remotely and will offer to update if new one is found. (This behaviour can be disabled in the addon’s settings dialog if necessary)

  • I have temporarily removed all oversea channels as none was working. They will be reintroduced gradually when I have more time. Email me if you want to help with this. As always, have fun xbmc’ing!

NOTICE: For Eden (xbmc v11) users, version 0.9.0 (identical to 0.9.1) will be the last one released, all future updates will be for Frodo (xbmc v12) only so make sure you upgrade.


TV Viet Nam 0.8

After a few minor updates, v0.8 is now released with a few changes. The most notable one is that I have decided to include oversea Vietnamese channels into the plugin (Vietface TV, VAN-TV, Global TV, Saigon TV, VBS TV and Little Saigon TV). This is the result of lots and lots of requests for these channels. So again, xbmc should automatically update. If not, do a “Force Refresh” or “Check for Updates” on the official repo.


OpenELEC: kills XBMC using keyboard or remote

I recently ditched my aging 12.04-Ubuntu-based XBMC setup to go with OpenELEC which is purposed-built and thus very fast. Because it is so streamlined, you lose the flexibility of a full-blown distro setup. One of which was the lack of lircd support on the recent builds. With my previous setup, I could use lircd to map a particular keyboard/remote key to a script that would kill and restart xbmc when it hang.