TomatoUSB + Optware + rrdtool + dygraphs = cool bandwidth monitor

04 February 2012

I recently upgraded my Buffalo WHR-HP-G54 to an ASUS RT-N16 as I needed gigabit ethernet; and usb ports + wifi N are all welcoming upgrades to the aging buffalo. As an inevitability, I installed TomatoUSB and plugged in a 4GB USB stick. Now, TomatoUSB itself is a very good system with loads of features but you can extend even more by adding Optware. I will not go into the installation as there already is a very good guide to follow.

WHR-HP-G54 and SD card mod

03 September 2008

I just got a Buffalo wireless router WHR-HP-G54 a few days ago. It’s small, covers a good range (has a built-in internal amplifier), has decent memory 4MB ROM/16MB RAM and it can be modded to have an sd/mmc card for storage.

mrxvt & xvnkb

15 May 2007

I just found the almost-perfect tabbed terminal called mrxvt (previously called materm). It has tabs (with built-in widget so it doesn’t require gtk/qt crap), configurable keyboard shortcuts, and so much more. The only thing, well two things, that it sucks at is Unicode support and problem with XIM, which creates problem with xvnkb. Unicode? Well, that I can live without. In fact I can’t recall the last time I need to use Unicode in a terminal and in such case, urxvt & xterm are here.

Canon EOS 20d shutter count

31 January 2007

Ok, so I got a used DSLR. What I didn’t pay attention to was the fact that the shutter has a certain life cycle. According to sources on –wait for it– Google, the EOS 20D has a life expectancy of 100,000 shots. Small number I thought. So I searched and searched, and after a while with good keywords comes this guide.

stardict violates copyright laws?

14 December 2006

I’ve never noticed this until recently when I learned that to download dictionary databases for stardict, you have to pay at least $5 to become a level-one user. From the homepage:

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